Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
29% details#2889600: [regression] Restore \LocaleJavascriptTranslationTest test coverage and keep testing processed JS file 2017-07-24
17% details#2551373: contextual.js and quickedit.js should fail gracefully, with useful error messages, when Twig templates forget to print attributes 2017-07-24
29% details#2782891: Page Title block's title behaves in a confusing way, especially with Outside In 2017-07-24
54% details#2531700: Fragment links to children elements in closed grouping elements don't work 2017-07-19
29% details#2785047: In Outside In mode, messages should appear in the off-canvas tray, not the main page 2017-07-19
34% details#2863444: Discourage/make impossible to select a "to" date that is before the "from" date 2017-07-19
23% details#2827014: Throw an exception when testing status code or response headers in functional JavaScript tests 2017-07-14
14% details#2741877: Nested modals don't work: when using CKEditor in a modal, then clicking the image button opens another modal, which closes the… 2017-07-14
64% details#2533498: Update jQuery to version 3 2017-07-13
29% details#2764931: Contextual links don't work with 'use-ajax' links 2017-07-13
29% details#2784495: Normalize block place and outside-in experiences 2017-07-12
23% details#2894269: `bool` in JSDoc should be `boolean` 2017-07-12
29% details#2894004: Incorrect style for all draggable table row on devices has touchevents 2017-07-11
29% details#1149078: States API doesn't work with multiple select fields 2017-07-11
19% details#514990: Add a UI for browsing tokens 2017-07-11
14% details#2611872: JS exceptions are thrown each time a multiple-valued text field with a CKEditor instances is being rearanged 2017-07-11
36% details#2893663: Dropbutton should report open/closed state to assistive technology 2017-07-11

Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

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Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.