Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
23% details#2869825: Leverage JS for JS testing (using nightwatch) 2018-04-25
14% details#2620748: New comments link is not being displayed on activity pages 2018-04-22
54% details#736066: ajax.js insert command sometimes wraps content in a div, potentially producing invalid HTML and other bugs 2018-04-21
43% details#77245: Provide a common API for displaying JavaScript messages 2018-04-21
34% details#2962330: Update CKEditor library to 4.9.2 2018-04-20
29% details#2822217: DrupalImageCaption plugin does not recognize <img src>, with a manually specified src 2018-04-20
29% details#2649546: [upstream] Alignment/justify buttons not appearing for CKEditor, <p class="text-align-left text-align-center text-align-right text-… 2018-04-20
9% details#2254935: Use a modal for content entity delete confirmation forms 2018-04-20
9% details#2253257: Use a modal for config entity delete operation links 2018-04-18
30% details#1848940: When enabling or disabling a View, don't move the cursor to the top of the page 2018-04-18
43% details#2961308: html id="module" breaks drupal.init.js 2018-04-17
60% details#2725255: Unfiltered data in "Allowed HTML tags" 2018-04-16
23% details#2960602: Modernize aria-detail.js semantics. 2018-04-14
45% details#2725259: [regression] Table Drag handles no longer respond to up/down arrow keys 2018-04-14

Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

User pain = Type * Priority * Public / Max score

Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.