Last modified active 8.x javascript issues in the last 2 weeks

User pain Issue Changed
26% details#2880007: Auto-fix ESLint errors and warnings 2017-05-29
43% details#2880703: Status report page without JavaScript is messed up 2017-05-27
23% details#2881697: npm@5 creates package-lock.json automatically 2017-05-26
54% details#1988968: Drupal.ajax does not guarantee that "add new JS file to page" commands have finished before calling said JS 2017-05-26
43% details#2864807: Autocomplete textfield surrounds titles with double quotes 2017-05-25
23% details#2822932: Make selected items more visually obvious. 2017-05-24
23% details#2880754: Remove sourceMap clean up code 2017-05-23
75% details#1797438: HTML5 validation is not fully accessible 2017-05-23
29% details#2855521: Drupalimage calling drupallink functions without checking if the plugin is loaded 2017-05-23
29% details#2782891: Page Title block's title behaves in a confusing way, especially with Outside In 2017-05-23
23% details#2880597: Removing the ES6 comment at the top of .js when "Aggregate JavaScript files" enabled 2017-05-23
26% details#2805197: Provide screen-reader feedback when Views UI filterable options are updated 2017-05-23
60% details#2725255: Unfiltered data in "Allowed HTML tags" 2017-05-22
29% details#2880338: Empty state (filled) doesn't work for date field with datepicker plugin 2017-05-22
29% details#2880004: Improve (again) ES6 helper scripts 2017-05-22
60% details#2542050: Toolbar implementation creates super annoying re-rendering. 2017-05-22
23% details#2869825: Experiment: Get nightwatch working to functional test Drupal JS via JS 2017-05-21
9% details#2254935: Use a modal for the entity form delete link 2017-05-21
17% details#2660272: Namespace ajax event 2017-05-20
43% details#2113931: File Field design update 2017-05-20
29% details#1976614: Setting dateFormat for datepicker should not be translated 2017-05-20
11% details#2809281: Use ES6 for core JavaScript development 2017-05-20
29% details#2775651: No active language in language switcher for URL with query string 2017-05-20
29% details#2762963: Can't scroll vertical toolbar tray to reveal last item, applies to both mobile and desktop breakpoints 2017-05-19
36% details#2588013: <span class="ajax-new-content" style="display:inline-block;"> causes unwanted whitespace 2017-05-19
17% details#2550717: [JS] Replace jQuery.cookie with JS-cookie and provide a BC layer 2017-05-19
43% details#77245: Provide a common API for displaying JavaScript messages 2017-05-19
57% details#2692805: While positioning dialog min/maxHeight options are ignored in some cases 2017-05-19
34% details#2346973: Replace jQuery UI autocomplete with Select2 2017-05-19
13% details#2104633: Allow selecting multiple checkboxes on "Modules" page with a single click 2017-05-19
57% details#2316205: Provide a way to disable animations for a11y 2017-05-19
23% details#2879190: Specify a range of supported Node.js versions in package.json 2017-05-17
23% details#2879072: Improve ES6 patching experience 2017-05-17
9% details#2842298: [policy, no patch] Drop IE9 and IE10 support from Drupal 8.4.x 2017-05-17
7% details#1440628: [Meta] javascript toolbar/tableheader with url fragment mess 2017-05-17
54% details#736066: ajax.js insert command sometimes wraps content in a div, potentially producing invalid HTML and other bugs 2017-05-17
54% details#2493957: Add back errors & summary support to native HTML5 details tag 2017-05-16

Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

User pain = Type * Priority * Public / Max score

Highlighted rows are killer issues , issues that take a significant effort to fix due to their complexity.