Inactive 8.x javascript issues

User pain Issue Created
75% details#2711907: [regression] Some ajax-enabled buttons are not keyboard operable 2016-04-22
75% details#2863222: Contextual Accessibility: Announcement broken after enabling editing mode a second time 2017-03-23
64% details#2184897: Consolidate js and possibly requests for history/comment/statistics tracking 2014-01-30
64% details#2533498: Update jQuery to version 3 2015-07-15
60% details#2542050: Toolbar implementation creates super annoying re-rendering. 2015-07-29
60% details#2729663: Fragment link pointing to <textarea> should be redirected to CKEditor instance when CKEditor replaced that textarea 2016-05-19
60% details#2814931: Quick edit does not appear for some nodes (espcially frequently quickly-edited ones) 2016-10-08
57% details#2692805: While positioning dialog min/maxHeight options are ignored in some cases 2016-03-23
57% details#2809427: Update jQuery UI to 1.12 2016-09-30
57% details#2879933: where the ckeditor.js come from? 2017-05-19
57% details#2898261: In jQuery 3, $('#') throws syntax errors 2017-07-29
54% details#2531700: Fragment links to children elements in closed grouping elements don't work 2015-07-12
54% details#2600804: AJAXified glossary view arguments fail when Language URL detection enabled 2015-10-25
54% details#2784571: Outside-in Accessibility: Allow escape from edit mode with ESC key 2016-08-16
46% details#2805205: Provide screen-reader feedback when filtering by block name. 2016-09-23
45% details#2493945: Views filters dragging in the grouping view is broken 2015-05-23
45% details#2717629: Add filter group for a View fails 2016-05-02
43% details#2153177: Convert type selectors to be compatible with jQuery native-API selector 2013-12-09
43% details#2159271: Convert state-based selectors to be compatible with with jQuery native-API selector 2013-12-19
43% details#2248223: Adding a new Views filter and making it exposed returns user back to list of filters 2014-04-23
43% details#2498915: Javascript DrupalBehavior error when JQuery UI Dialog not defined in Behavior settings 2015-06-02
43% details#2551785: Unable to scroll toolbar menu items or show contextual links on mobile browsers 2015-08-15
43% details#2561619: Drupal Ajax objects and settings grows endlessly 2015-09-02
43% details#2692359: Use core/drupal.dialog.ajax when using data-dialog-type 2016-03-22
43% details#2747237: Eslint errors in tabledrag.js 2016-06-12
43% details#2782899: Outside In is broken on iOS 2016-08-11
43% details#2787135: Editing mode gets "stuck" after switching between configuration of different blocks 2016-08-19
43% details#2823589: Improve IME handling on Autocomplete 2016-10-30
43% details#2858852: [8.3.x regression] Extra fields cannot be used with tabledrag in Manage Display 2017-03-08
43% details#2864807: Autocomplete textfield surrounds titles with double quotes 2017-03-28
43% details#2875947: CSS files not loaded on AJAX calls 2017-05-05
43% details#2876224: Make Drupal.tableDrag.restripeTable 10x faster 2017-05-06
43% details#2898808: [regression] With jQuery3, modal tour tips lose their grey background and centering 2017-07-31
40% details#2785589: Fix js and jsdoc of outside-in module 2016-08-17
36% details#1860972: Remove accessible announcement text 2013-01-29
36% details#2378335: Scrolling issue in IE caused by offset properties not available in IE 2015-03-11
36% details#2594483: Every ManagedFile form element AJAX interaction causes a new level of .ajax-new-content 2015-10-16
36% details#2621344: Keyboard doesn't work in Ajax form 2015-11-23
36% details#2738667: Show/hide group names button in CKEditor toolbar config UI is not keyboard operable 2016-06-01
34% details#254477: Javascript autocomplete does not cancel properly when clicking on a submit button 2011-06-21
34% details#1277352: Responsive vertical tabs 2011-10-25
34% details#1446166: Use JS events instead of Drupal.behaviors 2012-04-23
34% details#2559769: Use CSS to position toolbar instead JS 2015-08-29
34% details#2579849: [policy] Do not support 'administrative' CSS, markup, and javascript 2015-10-04
34% details#2672200: Wrap Drupal with closure variable 2016-02-19
34% details#2708823: Test form #states 2016-04-19
34% details#2712745: Missing Drupal 8 Coding standards in jquery.once.js file 2016-04-25
34% details#2781577: Properly style outside-in off canvas tray 2016-08-09
34% details#2782915: Standardize the behavior of links when Outside In editing mode is enabled 2016-08-11
34% details#2793349: Fix eslint errors 2016-09-01
34% details#2815077: Adopt airbnb javascript style guide v14.1 as new baseline javascript coding standards for Drupal 8 core and contrib 2016-10-08
34% details#2828140: ajax_view - replace jQuery's .size() with .length 2016-11-16
34% details#2837676: Provide a better way to validate all javascript activity is completed 2016-12-19
34% details#2850708: Alternative toolbar flicker solution 2017-02-08
34% details#2868137: Improve JavaScript build tooling. 2017-04-09
32% details#2314185: [PP-1] DrupalBehaviorError: attach ; quickedit: entityElement.get(...) is undefined 2014-09-02
32% details#2647916: Views ajax modals stop working in certain scenarios: due to JS settings caching, AJAX responses may set wrong ajaxPageState.libraries,… 2016-01-11
32% details#2753941: [Experimental] Create Outside In module MVP to provide block configuration in Off-Canvas tray and expand site edit mode 2016-06-22
32% details#2782885: No indication what page element is being configured with Outside In 2016-08-11
30% details#2656546: javascript form states don't work 2016-01-25
30% details#2821113: eslint 'use strict' rule wrong 2016-10-21
29% details#1448668: password reset link doesn't work if login button clicked twice 2012-04-18
29% details#2083703: Resizable Drupal dialog refuses to resize if given a specific width option 2013-11-25
29% details#2086981: "Publishing options" vertical tab summary includes #description 2013-09-11
29% details#2272133: Adding multiple images to multi-valued image field triggers two ajax submissions 2014-05-21
29% details#2313481: Text overprinting on view for top menus on mobile 2014-07-31
29% details#2313503: Operations menu for Content spills over onto next view in list of views on mobile 2014-08-01
29% details#2489430: Manage Display Reorder Not Working in ChromeOS 2015-10-12
29% details#2640464: Links styled as buttons not placed inside Dialog's button pane — prevents "cancel" link/button from showing up 2015-12-24
29% details#2650910: Contextual links button is always rendered even when no links are available (with warm client-side cache) 2016-01-15
29% details#2655772: Remove unneeded role="button" attribute from <button> elements 2016-01-24
29% details#2661880: [PP-1] Quick Edit doesn't work for Custom Blocks referenced by other Custom Blocks 2016-02-03
29% details#2671870: Drupal dialogs overflow in small resolutions when vertical toolbar is open 2016-02-19
29% details#2677414: VerticalTabs' #default_tab broken due to wrong/mismatching class name 2016-02-28
29% details#2687453: drupalSettings.path.currentPath refers to the route's URL even when page is accessed through an URL alias 2016-03-15
29% details#2692453: When entire form is replaced by an Ajax response, Drupal.attachBehaviors() is called on an orphaned DOM node 2016-03-22
29% details#2698811: BigPipe unnecessarily renders and sends multiple-occurrence placeholders multiple times when using JS — can cause JS errors 2016-04-02
29% details#2700495: Method removing expired drupalSettings.ajax tries to remove settings when there is no ajax defined 2016-04-05
29% details#2727651: unset drupalSettings.ajax variable cause ajax.js to crash 2016-05-17
29% details#2731419: "cannot call methods on dialog prior to initialization" logged when resizing after closing a modal 2016-05-23
29% details#2751643: Body padding too large, displace calculation inconsistent (IE10, IE11, and iPad2) 2016-06-19
29% details#2754985: Add javascript test coverage for adding an exposed filter in Views UI 2016-06-24
29% details#2782891: The Page Title block's title behaves in a confusing way with Settings Tray and the Help block incorrectly has Settings Tray styling 2016-08-11
29% details#2784513: Off-canvas tray requires feedback on load 2016-08-15
29% details#2785047: In Outside In mode, form validation messages should appear in the off-canvas tray, not the main page 2016-08-16
29% details#2795241: Twig debug breaks JavaScript dialogs (views ui) 2016-09-05
29% details#2821263: If a toolbar item besides the admin menu is open when going into edit mode it is not closed. 2016-10-21
29% details#2821709: Allow links to open content in Offcanvas tray without edit mode being enabled. 2016-10-24
29% details#2824050: Prevent resetSize() function from executing methods on non-initialized dialogs 2016-11-01
29% details#2825154: "offcanvas-lining" div inappropriately covers whole page 2016-11-05
29% details#2825433: [PP-1] Style vertical tabs for Settings Tray 2016-11-07
29% details#2825446: Moving a filter to the end of a Filter group in filter rearrange doesn't work 2016-11-07
29% details#2827128: js required class + id names is not js- prefefixed 2016-11-14
29% details#2830438: States visibility doesn't work for details in vertical tabs 2016-11-25
29% details#2831924: Outside In is intermittently unable to bind dialog events to the window 2016-11-30
29% details#2846428: Views add dialog filter searches on label instead of title 2017-01-24
29% details#2849100: Spaces shown before commas in publishing options 2017-02-02
29% details#2852636: Update jQuery to version 2.2.4 2017-02-14
29% details#2856364: Reposition Quickedit overlay on toolbar orientation change 2017-02-27
29% details#2859663: Ignore core/node_modules 2017-03-10
29% details#2865842: Parsing of allowed HTML tags (for integration with Text Editor configuration) throws JS error when adding <tbody> element 2017-03-31
29% details#2880004: Improve (again) ES6 helper scripts 2017-05-20
29% details#2888305: In Settings Tray the when form is longer than page body it is tricky to scroll to the very bottom. 2017-06-22
29% details#2898242: Delete unused Drupal.ajax.instances on unload instead of settings to null 2017-07-28
29% details#2899724: Fixes for settings tray CSS and JavaScript minor issues 2017-08-03
26% details#1662958: Clean up CSS/JS in color module 2012-06-27
26% details#1751334: Selectors clean-up: color module 2012-08-24
26% details#2421427: Improve the UX of Quick Editing single-valued image fields 2015-02-08
26% details#2422017: Split drupal.js 2015-02-07
26% details#2469431: BigPipe for auth users: first send+render the cheap parts of the page, then the expensive parts 2015-04-11
26% details#2560463: Support oEmbed 2015-08-31
26% details#2809165: Add package.json to Drupal 2016-09-30
26% details#2809735: Use jscodeshift for ES3/5 to ES6 transform in CORE & Contributed modules 2016-10-01
26% details#2880007: Auto-fix ESLint errors and warnings 2017-05-20
23% details#1164804: Table rows are intended to allow dragging, but this is not clear. 2011-08-08
23% details#1838716: Polyfill window.devicePixelRatio 2012-11-12
23% details#2187779: Add a 'html' option to the autocomplete widget 2014-02-03
23% details#2268955: Remove farbtastic library 2014-05-16
23% details#2302515: Duplicate/unused variable 'dropdowns' in duplicateGroupsOperator() in views-admin.js 2014-07-13
23% details#2469713: Step 2: Create a JavaScriptTestBase using PhantomJs Driver/Binary 2015-04-12
23% details#2497547: ESLint validation in modules 2015-05-30
23% details#2503981: Move checkEmptyRegions to named function and before first use (block.js) 2015-06-10
23% details#2559693: JSDoc ajax.js 2015-08-29
23% details#2595899: jquery cookie in core comes from obsolete repository 2015-10-18
23% details#2600652: Back to site links to wrong path in case the last path visited is 404 page 2015-10-25
23% details#2614682: Update JS lib: Modernizr to 3.3.1 2015-11-13
23% details#2668596: No delays update for Machine Name 2016-02-14
23% details#2672690: Fix JS standards in filter.filter_html.admin.js 2016-02-21
23% details#2673774: Update jQuery to 2.2.1 2016-02-23
23% details#2700741: Update jQuery 2.2.3 2016-04-06
23% details#2702661: Make it simple to take screenshots whilst using JavascriptTestBase 2016-04-08
23% details#2723557: [Follow up] Drupal.ajax.expired tweaks 2016-05-11
23% details#2746011: Update jQuery to version 3 2016-06-09
23% details#2778291: Regression: Ajax Instances are no longer stored in an associative array indexed by the element id making them hard to find 2016-08-03
23% details#2781589: Fix multiple scroll bars in outside-in sidebar 2016-08-09
23% details#2784449: Should code that targets CSS-safe contextual link names be clarified? 2016-08-15
23% details#2789109: Add composer.json to .eslintignore 2016-08-24
23% details#2793087: Add 'sliding' animation to off-canvas dialogs 2016-08-31
23% details#2793849: Handle offcanvas differently at lower widths 2016-09-01
23% details#2815831: Move Off-canvas related CSS from drupal.outside_in library to drupal.off_canvas 2016-10-10
23% details#2843901: Settings tray should use toolbar models to close the toolbar items 2017-01-16
23% details#2844261: Allow dialog links to specify a renderer in addition to a dialog type 2017-01-17
23% details#2849623: When adding a filter group to a View, click on link, not UL 2017-02-03
23% details#2861497: Check in yarn.lock and recommend usage of yarn 2017-03-17
23% details#2867290: Introduce a core/.gitignore 2017-04-06
23% details#2873888: package.json should specify an empty build step 2017-04-28
23% details#2876633: Add drpal to MAINTAINERS.txt for JavaScript subsystem 2017-05-08
23% details#2879072: Improve ES6 patching experience 2017-05-17
23% details#2880013: Add command to check if .es6.js has been transpiled 2017-05-20
23% details#2880560: Fix comment added to top of .js files by build process 2017-05-23
23% details#2881697: npm@5 creates package-lock.json automatically 2017-05-26
23% details#2885595: Log JavaScript transpile errors instead of crashing the watcher process. 2017-06-13
23% details#2893566: Update CKEditor library to 4.7.1 2017-07-10
23% details#2894283: Improve Toolbar Height calculation to accommodate jQuery 3.0 changes. 2017-07-12
23% details#2897938: Prevent accessing null elements when operating on ajax instances using the off_canvas renderer 2017-07-27
21% details#2796581: Fields must store their region in entity displays 2016-09-07
21% details#2811717: [outsidein] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null 2016-10-05
18% details#2643540: Browser console warning: "Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end… 2016-01-03
17% details#12089: Better method of showing forum containers in form 2005-03-10
17% details#90329: Add autocompletion functionality to textareas 2006-10-20
17% details#1169906: Switch to jQuery UI Menu for the Contextual Links 2011-05-26
17% details#1502986: make vertical tab buttons support left/right/top/bottom placement 2015-05-14
17% details#1571814: tableDrag.js, reduce the number of calls of .length from 33478 to 455 2012-05-11
17% details#1751320: Selectors clean-up: ajax.js 2012-08-25
17% details#1757618: Add Instant filter functionality in D8 core. 2012-08-27
17% details#1800584: Allow the toolbar tray to be dismissed with a swipe event 2012-10-02
17% details#2039937: tableheader.js does not support stickytables with multi-row headers 2013-07-11
17% details#2239419: Include CKEditor's AutoGrow plug-in 2014-05-09
17% details#2533896: Make a check of file size a baked-in client side validation 2015-07-15
17% details#2551373: contextual.js and quickedit.js should fail gracefully, with useful error messages, when Twig templates forget to print attributes 2015-08-14
17% details#2633330: UX: Detail element not opened when it contains a field with validation errors 2015-12-11
17% details#2678628: Consider removing the BigPipe no-JS cookie when JS is enabled again in a browser 2016-03-01
17% details#2706685: tabledrag subgroup. Group select option does not update with row/subgroup change. 2016-04-14
17% details#2729413: Open "Configure Blocks" contextual links in a Modal with a simplified (quick edit) form 2016-05-19
17% details#2758619: Design for a "flow diagram" to workflow configuration page 2016-06-30
17% details#2809343: Add ESLint to package.json 2016-09-30
17% details#2809477: Add ES6 to ES5 build process 2016-09-30
17% details#2818409: Convert Babel ES6 Compile script to NODE Script 2016-10-14
17% details#2818825: Rename all JS files to *.es6.js and compile them 2016-10-15
17% details#2821320: Add test coverage for machine-name.js 2016-10-22
17% details#2830882: Introduce Drupal.offCanvas, mirrored after Drupal.dialog, to avoid Settings Tray using Drupal.Dialog in unintended ways 2016-11-27
17% details#2853039: Currently appears to be no way to activate Tours for users in the front end 2017-02-16
17% details#2855596: [ignore] nod_ test isssue 2017-02-24
17% details#2862536: Add custom javascript handler when row of tableDrag is changed 2017-03-21
17% details#2884003: Turn Drupal into a Progressive Web App 2017-06-06
14% details#1415320: Tableselect should not select other checkboxes placed inside table 2012-01-24
14% details#2492993: vertical tabs: Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #/<whatever> 2015-05-21
14% details#2796885: field_ui.js hard-codes region names which are alterable 2016-09-08
11% details#2615852: Clean-up to our plugins that CKEditor >=4.5.5 enables 2015-11-15
11% details#2637194: Drupal.Ajax.execute() should return underlying Deferred object 2015-12-17
11% details#2728649: BigPipe changes script load order 2016-05-18
11% details#2737319: Opening a modal from inside another modal (nested modals) 2016-05-31
11% details#2737825: ESLint error in autocomplete.js 2016-05-31
11% details#2780777: Core Js Error 2016-08-08
11% details#2800081: Useless assignment for $row in KeyboardView 2016-09-14
11% details#2809281: Use ES6 for core JavaScript development 2016-09-30
11% details#2810993: Drupal viewsAjax use base variable before declaring it 2016-10-04
11% details#2818229: useless assignment in ckeditor/js/plugins/drupallink/plugin.js 2016-10-14
11% details#2823672: machine name field JS isn't fast enough for typing speed; form error if submitted too quickly 2016-10-31
11% details#2841767: Remove .size() replace with .length 2017-01-07
11% details#2850747: Add select event to autocomplete feature 2017-02-08
11% details#2897479: Settings Tray uses *both* classes *and* data- attributes, should choose one 2017-07-26
9% details#828578: Make clicks on theme settings preview select palette fields to edit 2010-06-16
9% details#2232271: [Meta] Use Behat for validation testing 2014-04-03
9% details#2288861: Add vocabulary condition to block visibility 2014-06-19
9% details#2547437: [meta] Untestable security-sensitive JavaScript that need tests once we have the infrastructure 2015-08-07
9% details#2765525: Add AJAX command to add style sheets to CKEditor instances 2016-07-13
9% details#2822969: Allow non-contextual links to trigger Settings Tray "Edit" mode 2016-10-28
9% details#2842298: [policy, no patch] Drop IE9 and IE10 support from Drupal 8.4.x 2017-01-10
9% details#2846131: Drupal 8 modules page input auto focus 2017-01-24
7% details#1415788: Javascript winter clean-up 2012-01-25
7% details#1931632: [META] Make CORE compatible with jQuery native-API selector 2013-03-02
7% details#2430901: Contextual links not working when wrapped in an <a> element 2015-02-21
6% details#1475204: [META] Provide a generic search/filter UI interface pattern for listing pages 2012-03-09
6% details#2501679: Document JavaScript 2015-06-06
6% details#2645250: [META] Supersede Backbone in core admin UIs with a new client-side framework 2016-01-06
6% details#2702747: Add javascript unit testing 2016-04-08
6% details#2855604: [policy, no patch] Fail testbot results on ESLint errors beginning March 2 2017-02-24
4% details#1787540: Improve the Timezone Picker 2012-09-18
4% details#1805452: [meta] Asset library declarations, registry, usage, DX, compatibility, documentation 2012-10-06
4% details#2809161: Convert Javascript/AJAX testing to use JavascriptTestBase 2016-09-30
3% details#1172670: Evaluate standardized usage of HTML5 Storage API through a library 2011-05-30
3% details#1812298: Handle mobile orientation change for JS widgets 2012-11-05
3% details#2207371: Abstract the Seven tabs functionality for reusability 2014-02-28
3% details#2810945: JS switch statements are too verbose 2016-10-04
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  • 57%: 2
  • 54%: 3
  • 46%: 1
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  • 43%: 13
  • 40%: 1
  • 36%: 3
  • 34%: 15
  • 32%: 4
  • 30%: 1
  • 29%: 37
  • 26%: 6
  • 23%: 33
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Sorting of the JavaScript issue queues based on user pain rating.

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